“After graduating, my dream is to teach in a school in the Comarca, to work in education with the children and to form organized groups in my community and where I work. The knowledge that I will share are the things that I have learned in life from Jesus Christ who is the teacher, friend, and example who shows that above all else what we need is the LOVE that he had for humanity to save us and remove us from darkness. The training that I will need to reach this dream is that which I have learned from my family, in school, from my friends, but above all, the lessons of unity and love from my family. The resources that I will need are the opinions, time, and love for development and above all my willingness to serve others; when one wants to, they can.

My favorite subject is natural sciences because it teaches me about life and the development o of human beings such as our identity as man and woman and how our body works. It also teaches me to value our natural resources like the fauna and flora and shows me that we must take care of our natural resources because there is only one beautiful creation.”