Ramon has been inspired by his grandfather who focused on the importance of education as the Cacique of the community, although he himself did not have the opportunity to study. His grandfather’s dedication to the Comarca and his concern for the community’s needs has inspired Ramon to further his education so that he can be of service to his community. Described by one of his teachers as “dynamic and intelligent,” Ramon prides himself on being responsible, punctual, and a good friend. After finishing his studies, Ramon hopes to be an agent for change and leader in the Comarca, “to help and serve” those within the community that need his support. Ramon is fortunate in that his family is very supportive of his educational goals as his father was able to study for 3 years post high school on a competitive scholarship to Honduras. Since his family doesn’t have many resources, the FFC scholarship helps the family keep Ramon and his 6 siblings in school. Representative of the family’s generosity, one of Ramon’s 6 siblings was “gifted” to the family by very poor friends because the friends did not have enough money to feed, clothe, and send him to school.