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Madison Kushner

Madison lives and works in Portland, Maine. Madison is a volunteer with Masons On A Mission: a group of individuals from around the States who travel to Lago De Atitlan, Guatemala each year to build cookstoves for indigenous Maya families. The experienced masons in the group have been on this trip for the past twenty years, perfecting the simple and sturdy cookstove that these Guatemalan families use as a healthier method of cooking with proper ventilation. Very similar to the Ngäbe people of Panama, theMaya aren’t given enough opportunities for education, travel, birth control, and medical aid. She loves spending time in the beautiful mountains of Guatemala, finding peace and new perspectives on the world when she is there.

Madison learned about Few For Change from a friend in Rockland, Maine who introduced her to Brooks Winner. After becoming a member of Masons On A Mission, Madison was in search of other volunteer projects and potential travel opportunities where she could improve her Spanish speaking ability and be a positive attribute. She is learning about the students that Few For Change works with in Panama and improving her proficiency in the Spanish language. Madison is passionate for local politics and the positive changes that can happen when individuals put effort into their communities. She enjoys reading, meeting new people, and engaging in socially conscious conversation and action.