Nora Sawyer

Nora Sawyer is in her final year pursuing her bachelors’ degree in Anthropology at the University of Oregon. At school, Nora is a member of the her university’s Primate Osteology Lab where she manages the collections’ database. She also trains new members, participates in dissections, and attends outreach events with the mission of increasing public knowledge of primate and human evolution. Nora also volunteers with PeaceJam, an organization that supports young people interested in social change through mentorship programs, workshops, classes and regional conferences.

Nora heard about Few for Change after studying abroad in Panama through the School for International Training in 2017. She did not visit the Nboge Bugle Comarca. However, over the course of the trip she started to understand that social change is a long process and requires individuals working together with similar goals in mind. For the independent study portion of the program she investigated how residents and activists felt about hydroelectric dams in the Chiriquí province. She learned that many individuals feel connected to local waterways through their livelihoods and childhood memories. Nora hopes that education and community workshops could give residents more power to protect fundamental resources like water. She applied to work with Few for Change, because she considers education fundamentally important. She looks forward to representing Few for Change on her college campus and possible collaboration with other student groups.