Rebecca Harnik

Rebecca is Program Manager for the Midtown Greenway Coalition, a nonprofit dedicated to an urban bikeway and pedestrian corridor through the heart of Minneapolis, MN. She engages the community to advance access to physical activity and urban greenspace, and works on neighborhood issues including crime prevention, community art, and sustainable transportation. Prior to Rebecca’s work with the Greenway, she was Program Coordinator at Gardening Matters, a nonprofit that advocates for successful and sustainable community gardens in MN.

Rebecca is a founding member of Few for Change and focuses on with Communications and Student Relations within the group. After doing her month-long independent study project in the Ngöbe-Buglé comarca in 2008 and witnessing the significant barriers to education for Ngöbe children, Rebecca helped start the group as a means to a social equity and economic stability for families in the comarca.

Rebecca graduated in 2010 from Macalester College in Minnesota, with degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies.