“The most difficult experience of my life was when I was 7 years old and I lost vision in one of my eyes because of a cataract. It affected me a lot because I couldn’t see well, I was teased a lot by my classmates, I felt inferior to everyone else; but with all the difficulty I have faced related to my studies I want to demonstrate to everyone else that even with a disability or health problem one can study and continue forward, this prepared me to view school with more interest because if I stopped my studies I won’t have any opportunities for easier work. As a result I want to continue studying to become someone in life.”

“I think that I deserve this scholarships because I am a young person ready to fight for my own well being, for the well being of my family, and for everyone else. I need this scholarships so that I can achieve my dream of becoming an educator. The characteristics that I possess include always being ready to work; I am responsible and punctual when I agree to help someone. In this way, I want to achieve my dream of helping those around me with their needs.”

“After graduating, I want to teach other young people with health problems how to work, I want to be a motivator and start an organization that will fundraise to help students with disabilities. Above all, I want to teach in my Comarca, in the high school to the children, the knowledge that I have learned in my life from my family.”