“The most difficult experience in my life was when I had to leave school to go and work to help my dad to support our home. But the agreement that the employers gave the workers was a very low salary. This prepared me to be a good student to study in order to not be a day laborer, this is what made me return to school. I want to support others in their difficult moments, to motivate them to keep moving forward, this helps me to be a good leader.

I am very disciplined and always turn my work in on time. I am responsible and help my classmates by explaining topics to them that they don’t understand clearly.

I want to continue to study computer science and engineering. I have always dreamed to meet this goal and with the support and help of Few for Change I can reach this goal. My other dream is for my family, to change the condition of the life we have lived for our entire lives. I can make this dream a reality by preparing me to continue studying and then find a good job so that I can help my family, my friends, and my community.”