“The most difficult experience of my life was when my dad separated from my mom. My dad didn’t help me because of the problems that he had with my mom and to this day he doesn’t help me with anything, only my mom has sacrificed to buy me school supplies. This has affected me greatly in life, both psychologically and emotionally; I felt sad without having my dad, I felt like I had no protection, I only knew that God loved me and would help me. The challenge that I lived helped me to think more positively and to study with more enthusiasm because life teaches us to face reality. This experience helped me to become a leader and to support other young people that face the same situation and to not give up in the face of difficulties. I like to study because I want to be different and an example for everyone else.

After graduating, I want to work with my community with the young people motivating them toward a good path. I want to form work groups with the abandoned children. They need my help and understanding since this is the best way for me to support them because it is difficult for the authorities and others to understand their necessity because they haven’t had this experience. The knowledge that I will apply is that which I have learned through my life experience and from my mom who is a fighter.”