Summer 2009

Dear Few for Change Supporters, Gillian of SIT Fall 2007 is currently in Panama working in the Comarca and being our correspondent. First off, I want to say a word of thanks to Gillian for all she's going through for Few for Change. She's our voice there right now.

New Developments:

An open application is not advisable and highly suggested against by the two organizations with whom we would work (ASMUNG and Padres Familiares). For those who do not know, ASMUNG is the women's association of the entire comarca, and Padres Familiares is a PTA type organization of the five regions to which we are sending out applications. In order to approach the situation delicately (with as much tact as we can find), we are taking their advice. The current plan is to allow the Padres Familiares group to recommend 1-3 students per geographic region (five total), and from there we will choose the scholarship recipients.

Some of the other issues left to decide are: whether we do want to tie this scholarship to a specific year; we are finding out that financial roadblocks occur at many points along the scholastic journey, and therefore it might be wiser to allow a greater age range to apply for the scholarship. Transcripts of conversations and updates from Gillian are on the Google Groups. Please join if you haven't yet, even if you're just an observer. We always need the input.

Group emails such as this one will now only be sent out during major updates on a bi-monthlyto monthly basis to prevent over-spamming of inboxes. As such, if any parents or family members would like to join the mailing list for the newsletter, please just reply and ask!

We are approaching another school year, and with it, major opportunities for fundraising. As a group (see last meeting's notes), we have set a goal of $1600 for the year. That would be four more scholarships and double what we have already raised.

To all, we greatly appreciate the continued support. It's a long journey, but one that is extremely worthwhile. Thanks to all.

The Members of Few for Change