Early Fall 2009

Becky and Ngobe Children

Dear Few for Change Supporters, We've reached $1100 of our $2000 goal! Thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen.

First off, Few for Change has decided to partner with WorldLearning in their FirstGiving project. FirstGiving is the School of International Training's WorldLearning Global Reciprocity Fund (a mouthful, I know). It is a fundraising, social networking site dedicated to giving back to the communities that so graciously make each study abroad experience unique and memorable -- in short, it is exactly what Few for Change is aiming for. This joint opportunity also means that the current students of every SIT Panama program year will also take active roles in Few for Change, a benefit we are all greatly looking forward to.

As the transition begins, a couple important changes will occur. Donations will become tax-exempt as this partnership means we will be able to share in WorldLearning's 501(c)(3) status. Stay tuned to the newsletter to find out exactly when that will be finalized. We are just now in the works of filtering through meetings and paperwork to make this happen, but we are very excited at the prospect!

The SIT Panama program has also had some recent developments. The current program will NOT be going to the Ngöbe-Bugle area due to an H1N1 epidemic. As such, we will be taking other measures to ensure that the application process still runs smoothly. Aly Dagang, the SIT Panama program director, has also been promoted to the position of Assistant Dean of Central American Programs. Congratulations! (Also correct me if I got the title wrong.)

In other news, we have been recently featured in the Emory Wheel (the Emory University newspaper), which can be found here http://www.emorywheel.com/detail.php?n=27417 as well as in the WorldLearning newsletter http://worldlearningnow.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/few-for-change-sit-panama-alumni/. Recently, there was also a small event held at Emory to raise money for Few for Change, in which $100 was donated. Thanks to all who attended!

Also, as FFC grows, so do the responsibilities. As such, we have elected offices and Amy Lamb will be taking over as Secretary, which means she will now author updates and these newsletters. So to this end, I again offer my thanks and hope all will continue to support Few for Change!


Tim Soo and The Members of Few for Change