Winter 2009

Dear Few for Change Supporters, I hope this letter reaches you in good health and spirits. As it gets chilly here in the Northeast, it’s hard to imagine those in Panama enjoying their usual sunny, 90-degree weather. Though we often grumble about the cold weather, or other stresses of the holiday season, we know that there are people in this world with much more pressing concerns.

As such, it is with great happiness that I report to you today the recent progress that FewforChange has made on the donation front. We are deeply grateful, on behalf of the Ngöbe-Bugle people, for the increasing support from our donors. We have achieved $1,485 of our original $2000 goal, plus a pending $300 donation, and have now increased that goal to $4000. Thank you!!

Few for Change has also made progress in terms of how we reach our donors. The organization is now a part of FirstGiving, a social networking site which connects charitable organizations and potential donors. At, interested parties can search by keyword or organization name to find an organization which they are interested in supporting. Few for Change can be found by visiting World Learning, Inc.’s page, or simply at Our group, as well as others associated with World Learning and SIT, can be linked to from a box on the right side of the page. We proudly report that Few for Change is the top fundraiser on the page! You can also link to FirstGiving and donate directly from the website. Clicking the “Donate!” button on the FirstGiving widget will redirect you right to our FirstGiving page.

There are many benefits of being linked with FirstGiving. It enables to make donations tax-free, and connects our group to a huge network of other organizations and potential donors, making this a great opportunity for growth. Also, it’s simple, secure, and reflects our progress in real time. I hope you’ll check it out.

We are also working on our store of Few for Change merchandise over at Look for a mug featuring a logo designed by one of our Spring ’09 SIT Panama Few for Change members, Ashley Peterson. More options will be available soon, including bags and t-shirts (our president Tim Soo is very excited about this one), hopefully before holiday shopping is over.

We are also excited that applications have been received from Ngöbe students interested in our scholarship. The review process will begin soon, so we look forward to reading the stories and dreams of the first recipients of our award. We know it will be a rewarding experience to see our efforts make a difference for someone, and are thrilled that we are able to make that difference.

Moreover, we are SO grateful for all of your donations which have made this scholarship possible. YOU are part of the Few for Change. Thank you all and enjoy the winter and holiday seasons.


The Members of Few for Change