Five Scholarships for 2011! Eight in All

We just received last minute donations from a couple of generous donors, allowing Few for Change to support two more students this year! That's scholastic and basic needs support for five students for the next three years! We awarded the additional scholarships to Rubiela Carpintero and Karmen Rodriguez.  See below for more information on them. Thank you to all who donated and we hope you will continue to support our mission of raising scholarships for indigenous students in rural Panama.

Some information on Karmen and Rubiela (stay tuned for profiles and photos of all of our students coming soon!):

Karmen Gonzalez

Karmen is a determined young woman whose inspiration comes from her loving and supportive family.  She understands that to succeed she must work hard, make sacrifices and steer clear of negative influences.  At 15 years old, Karmen seems wise beyond her age and she understands the importance of perseverance and giving back to those who have supported her.  "I have sacrificed many things for my education," she wrote, "and I work every day to get better."  Her parents have supported her with love and have dedicated "endless hours" to her education. She dreams of being able to make them proud by becoming an important figure in her community.  Karmen enjoys studying English because she knows that it can "open doors" for her in the future.

Rubiela Carpintero

Rubiela's story is both heartbreaking and inspirational.  Her father left when she was young, leaving her mother to support a large family by herself.  Rather than let her father's absence stand in her way, Rubiela uses it as her motivation.  "I want to study to show him that I can go on with the help of my mother and my God," she wrote in her essay.  Her humility, honesty and determination shone through strongly in her application, especially when she wrote, "I am a brave student even though I am not the most intelligent."  Rubiela dreams of becoming an educated professional so that she can help her family and her community.  Speaking of family, Rubiela is also the sister of Lorena Carpintero, one our first Few for Change scholars.

We are inspired by Karmen, Rubiela and all of our scholars and we will continue working to provide opportunities for students like them.  Please stay in touch and continue your support.