Muchas Gracias, Many Thanks

Today on the Few for Change Blog, we wanted to share with you some thank you letters that we received from our scholarship recipients.  They have been translated from their original Spanish, but the students’ messages are equally conveyed.  Filled with gratitude and determination, their words are inspiring and refreshing.  We found that reading these stories was both rewarding and humbling, and has made the process of giving come full circle.  We hope you enjoy these messages and thank you again for all your support.

Rubiela Carpintero -          

 Hello, I’m Rubiela Carpintero. I’m writing to you from [Quebrada] Guabo.   I am only in middle school and I am studying, and I am going to continue, for my future. I would like to be a knowledgeable person in order to teach and explain to other people that are uneducated.

I like to study a lot, but I don’t have a lot of money.  But with what Few for Change gives me, I spend on copies for exams and for my school supplies.  I am very thankful for what you have given me.  My dream is to be a professional. May God bless you.

Aquilino Andrades Santos -                                                                                                                             

My name is Aquilino Andrades Santos.  I want to keep studying because, for me, studying is the most important thing for a student to do.  We should try hard.  As a student, I want to keep studying, but I have a problem which is that I don't always have a way to get to school and when I do, it is thanks to the Few for Change scholarship.  Because of that, I don't want to stop studying, but sometimes my classes are very difficult because the teachers explain things very fast and sometimes they don't explain how to do things well.  Because of this, some students fail some of their classes.

I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to have this scholarship.  It is the reason why I don't want to lose my studies. Without education, we are nothing and can have nothing and I tell my classmates and friends that they should keep studying because they could also benefit from this program. These are my thoughts. Thank you very much.

Analida Esther Palacio -

 My name is Analida Esther Palacio and I love to study and I want to prepare myself so that I can be a professional someday.  I thank you for the help that you have given me to reach my goals.

My dream is that when I graduate I will be a teacher so I can educate children so that they can learn as well and so I can help my family.  Thank you all for giving me this scholarship and I will try to get good grades, and one day be a teacher.  When I finished sixth grade, my average was 48 (out of 50) and my mother loved that and she talked with my teacher and my teacher spoke with Few for Change and then your help came and I took advantage and studied hard.

Lorena Carpintero -

I am thankful for the help that you have given me.  Last year and this year I have begun my studies. I am happy for this help, which for me is enough.  I hope that, with God's help, you will be able to continue supporting us.

Hello to everyone, even though I don't know who you are, but I have faith that I will meet you someday.  I promise you that I will keep going and with God's help I will finish my studies. Thank you very much and may God keep you safe. Greetings to all.  I am doing well in school.

Odilio Sire Palacio -

For the Organization Few for Change (in English)

I wish to congratulate this organization for demonstrating values and I have to say that I feel very happy and thankful for the help that you have given me.  Thanks to Few for Change, I have been able to attend secondary school.  I am proud of this organization and may God bless you.

 Olivia Gonzalez -

I thank you for your support in the "Comarca" and I hope that you can continue supporting me because I want to keep studying because I want to be educated so that I can be someone. Thank you for supporting me and my family and I hope that you will continue supporting me.