Let's help Edgar keep studying

This is Edgar. Last year, he became the first Few for Change scholarship recipient to enroll in university. In December, he finished his first year studying computer science at the Autonomous University of Chiriquí's campus in Remedios, about 24 kilometers from his hometown of Quebrada Guabo. Edgar wants to be a computer technical support engineer and has been working hard to prepare for his career, going to night classes so that he can work and earn money during the day.

Over the past year, he has also been serving as an unofficial volunteer for Few for Change, assisting his grandmother Doris Gallardo, one of our first community coordinators. Edgar helps us communicate with Doris (cell phone service is spotty in Quebrada Guabo) and with the middle and high school students from Quebrada Guabo. He is also preparing to host a community workshop to teach computer skills to his friends and neighbors. In other words, Edgar is a rock star.

He had a good first year at university but has encountered some barriers along the way. For example, his classes often get out late at night after the buses have stopped running, meaning that he has to pay for a taxi to get home. This ride can cost more than $10, more than a day's worth of food in the Comarca. After finishing his first year, Edgar had expected to be able to apply for a scholarship from Panama's Institute for the Development of Human Resources, IFARHU, but we learned recently that the scholarship has been discontinued. That's the bad news.

The good news is that he only needs $700 to keep studying this year. Will you help us keep Edgar on track to achieve his goal of graduating from University? Visit Edgar's profile to contribute to his education and to track his progress.