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Team Edwin

Abby is running for Edwin who will be starting his third year of university. Help him reach his goal of becoming a nurse.


Team Edgar

Ari is running to support Edgar as he embarks on his fifth year of university! Help Edgar reach his goal of earning his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Management; 4 years down, 2 to go!


Team Roger S.

Bailey is running for Roger S. who is entering his final year of high school! This will be his sixth year in the program. Go Roger!



Amy is running for Roger G. who will be in 11th grade next year! We are so proud of Roger. Help us support his fifth year in the program.


Team Yazmin

Brooks is running for Yazmin, a rock star student and Brooks’ homestay sister back in 2008. Support Yazmin as she enters 10th grade!


Team Xiomara C.

Jen and Mimi are running for Xiomara C. who will be entering 11th grade this year. She is looking forward to her fifth year in the program.


Team Zulma

Sam is running for Zulma who starts 10th grade next year. Congrats to Zulma for entering her fourth year in the program!


Team Sindy

Tim is running for Sindy who will be entering 11th grade. Help Team Sindy reach their goal!


Team Jose Manuel

Katie is running for Jose Manuel who has successfully completed his first 3-year scholarship and will continue his studies in 10th grade. Go Team Jose Manuel!