Updates - El Lunes, 6 de enero de 2009

Recent Updates:

We tried to see if we could work under WorldFund (a larger organization working towards the same goal) but per now, they have no interest in expanding.

PayPal has officially lifted and hand-waved all the legalities towards receiving donations through their website so we are completely legit and set in that respect.

I have personally emailed all members of our group (except those of my year) and thank you to all who responded and donated.

Gillian Locascio will also be returning to Panama this summer. She will be speaking at an event on Emory. For those of you near Maine, Brooks Winner will be holding a charity dinner in the near if you're interested in attending! (Email him for details.)

I apologize to anyone who showed up for our virtual meeting last week, as we did not have one.

Please please keep looking for opportunities to organize functions, speak at events, or even just ask your friends and family for a few dollars of donation.

We're on our way to being able to offer a SINGLE scholarship! We're at $275 and let's hope to get more! Our goal before I leave for Panama is to raise another 200 dollars. That means each one of us would just need to raise roughly 14 dollars.iI.e. less than a dollar a day. Let's get to work!

Love to all,

Tim Soo