Summer 2010

Dear Few for Change Supporters, It has been a long time since the last Few for Change correspondence, and we hope that we reach you in a time of good health, spirit, and summer weather. We have much to report, including how our first recipients of the scholarship are faring! Read on for some important updates and noteworthy news.

First of all, we would like to let you know that we have switched to a new donation site; the recent update to FirstGiving has now given way to a new and perhaps more convenient site, so the change is a good one! This site is called the Global Reciprocity Fund, and is conducted through SIT Study Abroad/World Learning, the program that enabled us all to experience Panama. The Global Reciprocity Fund is a way for study abroad alumni to give back to the communities in which they were guests. Each former student has their own page on the Few for Change donation site, so they may personalize it to reflect their unique experience in Panama's indigenous and impoverished communities. For more information or to donate, click here.

Speaking of donations, we are still currently $1500 short of our fundraising goal for this year. We hope that in the next five months, some of you may be able to contribute and help some more Ngöbe-Bugle children attend school. To show more support, you may also want to peruse our selection of merchandise - a better selection of products is now available, from t-shirts to water bottles. Check it out!

Now we'd like to tell you a little success story. Our three scholarship recipients are enrolled in school, and we've received a report card from one of the students that looks pretty good. (We haven't yet heard about the other two). The application process for next year will be starting soon, and we hope to fund the schooling of at least three more students, and continue to support this year's scholarship recipients. This means that donations are needed more than ever as we prepare for the next cycle.

Another exciting tidbit is that one of our members, Gillian, may be heading down to Panama for an extended stay in the coming months - wish her luck!

Thank you to all of our Few for Change supporters, for reading, donating and being with us in spirit. You make it all possible!

The Members of Few for Change