Fall 2010

Dear Few for Change Supporters, It has been awhile since our last update, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! We’ve been working on a leadership shift, as life brings new commitments to some of our members; this shuffle explains in part the lack of a newsletter in recent months. However, we have lots to share with you all, and we hope you enjoy reading about the recent changes and progress in our organization. We hope you are all well, and as always, we thank you for your continuous support. And now for the news!

Most notable on our agenda is that we’re preparing for the 2010/2011 scholarship season! We are currently revising our application after realizing that it more closely resembles a college application in the U.S. than the usual assignments completed by our middle school-aged Panamanian students. We hope that the redesigned application still makes them push themselves, while becoming a little more focused and relevant to indigenous Panamanian life.

We hope to have a draft of this new application by the time Gillian, one of our leaders, returns to Panama for a few months. We hope she may be able to personally distribute and promote the scholarship, as it seems people are unfamiliar with and skeptical of the organization/scholarship program. However, we have received news that the recipients of last year’s award are doing well in school. Here’s to positive change!

Now, as the 'official' Season of Giving gets underway, it’s a great time to contribute to what we’re doing: bringing education to disadvantaged pockets of the world. At a recent group meeting, we all revisited what originally drew us to this cause. Many of us witnessed firsthand the physical and economic barriers experienced by the Ngöbe-Bulge community members; others have not. However, we all feel that helping to provide an education is a great way to help these people help themselves. What a better gift to give this holiday season (and always). So please visit our again-redesigned web site, www.fewforchange.com, where you can donate, shop, see pictures, and stay in touch all in one place.

Thank you all,

The Members of Few for Change