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Agripina Sandoya

Home Community: Hato Chamí, Jädaberi, Distrito Nole Duima, Comarca Ngäbe-Bugle

Agripina Sandoya lives in the community of Hato Chamí where she is a homemaker and mother to her 3 children, including FFC scholar Kevin. Agripina has helped FFC improve communication with students and their families in the remote mountainous communities in the Jädeberi township. She has volunteered with FFC since 2011 and says “I like to work [with FFC] because I can help the community, and in my opinion, the help that you are giving us is considerable, by giving a scholarship, by giving assistance.” Her greatest hope for the FFC scholars is that “ they take advantage of it (the scholarship), and that they become professionals in the future, and that they can help others like you help us.”