Ramón Pineda

Home Community: Hato Ratón, Jädaberi, Distrito Nole Duima, Comarca Ngäbe-Bugle

Ramón Pineda has worked for the past nine years as an Agricultural Field Technician for the Fundación Nuestra Señora del Camino (Our Lady of the Way Foundation) providing agricultural trainings and workshops to his fellow Ngäbe in different communities across his home district of Nole Duima in the Comarca. Ramon explains that the goal of his work is to support the communities so that the people can develop their own sustainable agriculture projects in order to generate income to feed and educate their children. Outside of his professional work, Ramon his committed to community organizing in Hato Ratón to address identified community needs. He works to promote social organizations in his own community and those where he works; through organizing, Ramon hopes that these communities will see that the solutions they look for are actually in their own hands.

Ramon has volunteered with Few for Change since 2011, diligently distributing and collecting scholarship applications, collecting report cards, and organizing leadership workshops with the scholarship students from his area. In his words, “I like to work with FFC because [...] education is the base so that we can get ahead. It is the path that we must look for. By educating [ourselves] we are envisioning and working toward the future. So, with this program of change, we are supporting the students, and we are forming the people who are going to work toward the future of the Comarca. [...] If we don't do anything for them, the Comarca will continue to be the same. The educated person, the person that goes to school, sets the future. [...] For this reason [FFC] caught my attention and I have dedicated myself to working voluntarily, with all my heart, for this program.”