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Amy Lamb

Amy is the Environmental Reviewer for the New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau, and reviews projects statewide for impacts to rare plant species and exemplary natural communities.  Previously, she worked at Martin Forestry Consulting, LLC, where she wrote forest stewardship plans, did GIS mapping, and a variety of field work.

Amy joined the board in 2009, after spending her spring semester in Panama. At the end of the term, she conducted her Independent Study Project in the Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé, where Few for Change currently works. During her stay, she was impressed by the Ngäbe people’s sense of family, their willingness to include strange foreigners in the intimacies of their daily lives, and their celebration of culture and environment. Their sense of community was memorable, and it is refreshed with each round of application essays. The scholars of Few for Change are big dreamers and hard workers, yet are grounded by their solidarity.  It’s a great feeling to help them realize their futures, for themselves and for their Comarca.

A year after returning from Panama, Amy graduated with the University of New Hampshire Class of 2010, earning a BS in Environmental Science.