Tim Soo

Tim is in his final year studying medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, planning a career in emergency medicine. Prior to this, he was the founder of Meddik, a company dedicated towards connecting people based on their health, allowing individuals to benefit from the experiences and data of those clinically similar. He graduated from Emory University with degrees in Mathematics and Music.

Tim is a founding member of Few for Change and having spent a semester abroad during the fall of 2008 and then starting the organization shortly thereafter. That year was an incredibly formative experience for Tim. Having spent brief but diverse and significant homestays with different regions within Panama, he and his cohorts began to understand the fragility of the existing political infrastructure and the ramifications that that has on rural development. Most important, the group recognized the need for change, and that the most effective method of enacting this change would be through education.

Many years after his initial experience in Panama, the relationships Tim formed from Panama have only continued to grow, and he looks forward to meeting the students every year in the comarca Ngobe Bugle.